Daniel Gonzales

Daniel animated for The Walt Disney animation Studios for over 8 years. He has worked on titles such as "Toy Story 3", "Frozen" and"Wreck it Ralph". He recently concluded his work on Disney's, "Moana".

Born in 1988, Daniel moved from his hometown in San Diego, California to attend San Francisco’s California College of the Art. Daniel has received attention for his artwork at an early age. His entrée’s in the Museum of Latin American art and The U.S. District court for the southern District of California, that are still on display, would be the start of a promising career of fine art, teaching, directing, and animation.
By Daniel’s college sophomore year he was working at Pixar Animation Studios and soon after found himself working in Los Angeles for the Walt Disney Animation Studios. For the last 2 years he has been traveling the world touching 6 countinents. When not working Daniel has been creating his personal work and teaching art at various institutions in his spare time.

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