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Hamsters vs Robots

on October 12, 2012

Hamsters vs Robots

Here's a fun article on Method Studios and those "Hip" dancing hamsters.

One of the most popular commercials from 2011 was the Kia spot ‘Soul’ from agency David & Goliath, in which dancing hamsters took on a legion of dancing robots. We covered the spot here. Now, the hamsters are back in a disco-infused period piece, with even more impressive work by Method Studios. We talk to visual effects supervisor Andy Boyd about ‘Bringing Down the House’, from production company MJZ and director Carl Rinsch. The commercial was filmed by DOP John Matheison (Gladiator) at a theater in Prague, with real dancers wearing oversized clothing and a tracking rig, which was used to replace their heads with CG hamster versions. “They had a head piece they would wear that had tracking markers that we had spec’d out and measured, working in collaboration with Legacy Effects,” explains Boyd. “We actually tracked the whole body because we replaced the hands in most shots, and we were also tracking the body for interactive lighting – when the arm casts a shadow or moves in front of the head.”

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