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Testimonial from Samantha Youssef - iAnimate Games student

on August 13, 2013

Samantha Y testimony

Hi!  I'm Samantha Youssef and I'm from Montreal.  I'm a 2D feature film animator and artistic director of Studio Technique, where I provide artistic training to various VFX, gaming, commercial and feature studios.

I knew about iAnimate Games through the iAnimate community as I was running a sketching group for the students there last year.  I had been wanting to learn to animate in Maya since I work with a lot of 3D artists, but with my workload I was having a hard time being able to commit to it.  I learned about the gaming program in more depth by David Hubert, and realized that doing the gaming workshop would be an excellent option for getting into 3D as it was extensive body mechanics.

iAnimate Games has been a great experience. I loved it!  The course content was really fun and engaging, but thorough.  I also learned so much about the how the animation has to be integrated into the game, how the systems work.  My instructor was amazing, and the community was fantastic.  The internal community had a great feel, it was a close knit group, and the instructors were involved in the community as well, and were there for us if we needed.

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Interview with Studio Technique artistic director Samantha Youssef

on February 10, 2013

In our 9th podcast, and second for 2013, we steal some time from Studio Technique's founder and artistic director Samantha Youssef. Samantha has worked as a character animator for Walt Disney Animation, and has a rich background in the arts and traditional animation, which make for a great conversation about how those can play a major roll in CG today.

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Interview with Studio Technique artistic director Samantha Youssef

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