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New JRA Webinar series - Mechanics to Music

on June 27, 2013

JRA series3

In this 10 part series, entitled "Mechanics to Music", Jason will be animating live for 2 hours and animating a shot in each 2 hour session. This will all be set to an original rock song by his band Dark Chapter. These broad mechanic type shots will consist of intense acting and will include dramatic moving cameras. He'll be using our iAnimate rigs in the process. You can find out more about it by visiting the Series 4 page on his site.

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New Games Instructor - Brent George

on June 13, 2013

Brent GeorgeBrent George

Brent will be heading up our new Motion Capture workshops in our Games workshop division. Since 1997, Brent’s career has been enriched by many corners of the animation industry. Having spent time in Commercials, Television, Film and more recently Video Games, he has gotten a pretty good taste of what animation has to offer. During his travels Brent has worked as Animator, CG Supervisor, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Character Technical Director, Animation Director and a countless number of other roles. Most recently, Brent can be found freelancing at local VFX and Game companies, Directing his latest webseries “Le Chalet” and/or enthusiastically imparting his knowledge onto the students of Dawson College’s 3D Animation and CGI program. Brent is best known for spearheading highly creative projects by assembling custom tailored teams and designing pipelines from the ground up. After which, he applies his unique flavour of collaboration and leadership in order to deliver high quality results on time and on budget.

Notable accomplishments in Games:
Batman: Origins Animation Director
FarCry 3 Pre-Production Animation Director
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Animation Director

Notable accomplishments in Film/Television:
“Riddick” Senior Animator
“300” CG Supervisor
“The Messengers” VFX Supervisor

You can read more about the workshop by going to our Motion Capture page:

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Member Spotlight - Peter Thorneycroft

on June 04, 2013

Hi, I'm Peter Thorneycroft, I live in Brighton in the UK, and I've been animating professionally for 4 years. All short term contracts initially in children's television, but more recently in computer games. I've been unable to secure a permanent position throughout all my career. Which prompted me to improve my skills and enroll on to iAnimate.

I was looking at studios in New Zealand...

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