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Testimonial from Terry Chiem - iAnimate Games student

on August 05, 2013

My name is Terry Chiem and I am from San Jose, California. I graduated about a year ago from San Jose State University's Animation and Illustration program. The curriculum there is great, but it was more geared towards feature production. I've always had a passion for games and had an interest in working in the industry so I decided to give iAnimate Games a try. To date I have only taken Games Workshop 1.

I started working at Spark Unlimited as an Animation Intern in June. The whole process happened over the course of a few months and went by pretty smoothly. Back in March, I had heard that Spark was looking for an animation intern. I applied for the position and received an interview a month later. The interview went well and I received 3 weeks to relocate to Southern California and start working.

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Member Spotlight - Sébastien Dussault

on July 08, 2013

Please state your name, where you're from, if you had previous animation experience, how long you have been studying at iAnimate, and what workshops.

My name is Sebastien Dussault and I am from Quebec City, Canada. Overall, I did 5 workshops at iAnimate. I started in the feature animation workshops with the close up acting (Workshop 4) and the full body acting class (Workshop 5). After completing those workshops, I realized I was still struggling with body mechanics and also needed to improve my workflow in order to become more efficient. At the time, the Games workshops were just announced. It was a perfect fit with my ambitions to improve those specific skills so I enrolled in. I recently completed the Games curriculum and am really happy with my choice. Afterwards, I did an internship as a gameplay animator for the prototype of "Project Lune" at iAnimate. Prior to getting hired a few weeks ago, I had close to no experience in a studio environment as an animator. So all my experience basically came from my studies at iAnimate and this internship.

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Member Spotlight - Peter Thorneycroft

on June 04, 2013

Hi, I'm Peter Thorneycroft, I live in Brighton in the UK, and I've been animating professionally for 4 years. All short term contracts initially in children's television, but more recently in computer games. I've been unable to secure a permanent position throughout all my career. Which prompted me to improve my skills and enroll on to iAnimate.

I was looking at studios in New Zealand...

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