Pricing Breakdown

We run four terms of Workshops through out the year (winter, spring, summer, fall). Each term is 11 weeks long, with an average of a two week break between terms. Mark your calendars! Below is our pricing structure for all our workshops.

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Workshop Type Workshops - One time payment Workshops- Monthly Payments *
Feature Animation $1,698 (for each 11 week workshop) $699 + $599 + $499
Game Animation $1,698 (for each 11 week workshop) $699 + $599 + $499
Creature Animation $1,698 (for each 11 week workshop) $699 + $599 + $499
Rigging $999 (for each 11 week workshop) $649 + $449
Introduction to Maya & Modeling $999 $649 + $449
Lighting & Compositing $999 $649 + $449
Motion Capture $999 $649 + $449
Pre-Visualization $999 $649 + $449
* Whether you pay in full or make monthly payments, the first payment is due when you register for the workshop. The next 2 monthly payments are due by the end of the first and second months of class. If payment is not made on time, your login will expire and a $50 reactivation fee will be added to the price.

Skills Training Program

iAnimate is proud to be part of the Animation Guild Training Program. In an effort to help improve Guild members animation skills, the Guild will partially reimburse artists who take part in our following workshops: Feature Animation, Creature Animation, Modeling, Rigging, Surface & Lighting, and Motion Capture. For more information visit the Animation Guild website.