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New Surface & Lighting Workshop Instructor

on February 27, 2014

Frederick Gaudreau new Lighting instructor

Frederick Gaudreau

After graduating from Montreal's ICARI school in 1999, Frederick started as a modeler/generalist on game animatics. His attention to detail, skills and eagerness quickly brought him to work on big productions. His professional path led him to work on sets as a motion control TD, experiencing and discovering live lighting, a medium holding the power to transform a boring environment into a true work of art. Over the years, his career evolved into lighting and compositing, his true passion. He moved to California in 2004, where his good reputation preceded him. He had the pleasure to light and comp on animation films such as Monster House and Open season. Frederick then had the opportunity to work on award wining live features such as Spider Man 3, I am Legend, Val Kyrie, Body of Lies, Watchmen and more. He currently holds a position as a VFX supervisor at Warner Bros Animation.

More information on the workshop breakdown coming soon. Keep an eye on the Surface & Lighting page.

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Testimonial from Stefan Iverson - iAnimate Games student

on February 21, 2014

Stefan Iverson testimony

What did you enjoy the most in iAnimate Games program?

One thing that I really enjoyed was getting to know my fellow classmates and exchanging ideas with them every week in the chat room.

Also, I really enjoyed the whole process of shooting reference, blocking and polishing it along with the feedback that was given by my instructor.

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New iAnimate Partnership with Mixamo

on February 17, 2014

iAnimate partnership with Mixamo

Our new Motion Capture workshop is already off to a great start, with students already benefiting from it with new job opportunities (testimony from Lu Ramos). With the desire to always bring the best training to our students, iAnimate has just partnered up with Mixamo and all our students enroll in our Motion Capture program will be provided with Mixamo's educational license and full access to their massive animation library to play with and find new ways to be creative in Motion Builder.

To learn more about the partnership and the benefit students receive, read their recent blog posting.


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