Andy Kephalidis

Like every young human that grew up with a super Nintendo, Andrew wanted to make videogames. After graduating high school with a solid 60%, he only had one question; how do I make them? While he was working the night shift at a local gym (a daytime job didnt fit his WoW raiding schedule), he found his starting point. Dawson College's 3d animation and modeling program! Because math was so hard, Andrew was a generally artistic student, which allowed him to quickly scrounge up a portfolio and apply to the program. Success! (Not really, he was rejected the first year. He got in the following year. Close enough.)

During his time in the program, Andrew quickly and confusingly realised that the technical aspect of animation was were the real fun was. Rigging, Scripting, Skinning, setting up a scene. Getting his hands dirty in all parts of videogame creation appealed to him. As his peers went off to long, rockstar careers as animators, Andrew found himself drifting more towards the Technical Animation position. Every day he learnt, and continues to learn, new ways to bring characters and mechanics to life. Technical Animation is exactly where that young man with a nintendo, and any individual with a passion for videogames, needs to be. Since his career began 6 years ago at Ubisoft on the Watchdogs series and a Farcry, up until his yet to be announced project at Eidos montreal, He has also taken up the hobby of Unreal Engine 4, which quickly became his obsession. He is very fortunate to have such a loving, understanding, and patient wife.

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