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Summary of the Rigging Workshop

You'll learn the art and science of building a character rig as well as the development process and pipeline used in the industry. These processes are fundamental and can be applied to any production pipeline; feature animation, VFX and video game.


  • Each workshop below is 11 weeks in duration. Please visit the apply page for the cost break down of each 11 week workshop.


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      Rigging Fundamentals

      Introduction to the features in Maya used to create a complex character rig. This is an animator friendly approach that doesn't require previous rigging or scripting experience. Learn the tools and tricks of the character rigger further more. This second part will focus on the deformations and skinning of your character rig.
      Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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      Character Rigging for Production

      Understanding rigging principles and pipeline. This class will take the skills learned from Rigging Fundamentals and apply them to a complete character rig ready for production. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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      Facial rig creation

      Students will further learn the rigging principles, pipeline used when creating a character rig and how to build a robust facial rig. The second half of the workshop, the student will continue with facial animation and learn about tools creation possibilities that can be done with Python. The instructor will also talk about plug-ins and automating a riggers workflow.Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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      Creature rig creation

      Beginning with a standard quadruped setup we will cover a 3-bone IK leg, a horizontal spine setup and an FK/IK switchable neck.   Moving on to a bat we will learn to setup wings and claws.  Last a fantasy creature will be used to demonstrate an advanced tail as well as dynamic joint chains and nCloth solvers. After completing the class students will be able to design a rig for any creature, real or imagined. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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    • Workshop 3
    • Workshop 4

When enrolling in iAnimate rigging workshop, you'll learn the art and science of building a character rig as well as the development process and pipeline used in the industry. All students will spend time practicing and recreating what was taught in class; create setup, skin a character, develop your own rigging tools, etc. Those workshop have been specifically designed for animators who wants to expand their technical knowledge, and technical animators who would like to strengthen their rigging skills.

  • Rig a character properly and efficiently based on industry standards.
  • Have a wider Maya knowledge.
  • Develop your technical minding.
  • Understand the rigging pipeline.
  • Debug your own rigs.
  • Better communicate with riggers.
  • Understand the terminology, color scheme and the importance of naming convention.
  • Understand the most utilized rigging menus.
  • Skin a character properly.


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