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Summary of the
Surface & Lighting Workshop

This workshop is designed to help animators give their shots that professional feature film look. You will learn the process of lighting, texturing, and post work to get your shots "Reel ready". We all know at the end of the day it's your animation that will speak for you, but this workshop will help you put your work in the best possible light (PHUN intended).


  • Each workshop below is 11 weeks in duration. Please visit the apply page for the cost break down of each 11 week workshop.


    • Surface and Lighting Workshop 1

      Lighting and Compositing

      This workshop is a basic lighting and surfacing class for animators who wants to get the fundamentals knowledge to properly render their scene, or any cg artist looking for an introduction to rendering in Maya. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

    • Workshop 1

What to expect in this Workshop

(Read The Workshop 1 Weekly Breakdown)

Our qualified instructor will share his experience and knowledge on a weekly basis with the students, making sure the technical and artistic aspect of cg rendering are well understood. This workshop will include 9 in depth lecture and 4 assignment with live reviews. Here's an overview of what will be covered in this workshop:

  • Establishing the Scene mood based on its Storytelling
  • Light types and Attributes (using  grayscale model with Maya Software renderer)
  • Basic of lighting and physique.
  • HDRI lighting (using  grayscale and Texutred models with Arnold renderer)
  • UV Texture editor
  • Standard Shading and texture Network with Hypershade
  • Setting up lighting file with Character (Render Setup and Override, Render Stats and Arnold Attributes, Light linking Editor)
  • Prepping render with separate and custom passes for compositing. (Render Setup, Render Passes, File format and Data type)
  • Basic Compositing using Nuke

Lighting & Compositing Instructor Bio

  • Frederick Gaudreau

    Frederick Gaudreau

    After graduating from Montreal's ICARI school in 1999, Frederick started as a modeler/generalist on game animatics. His attention to detail, skills and eagerness quickly brought him to work on big productions. His professional path led him to work on sets as a motion control TD, experiencing and discovering live lighting, a medium holding the power to transform a boring environment into a true work of art. Over the years, his career evolved into lighting and compositing, his true passion. He moved to California in 2004, where his good reputation preceded him. He had the pleasure to light and comp on animation films such as Monster House and Open season. Frederick then had the opportunity to work on award wining live features such as Spider Man 3, I am Legend, Val Kyrie, Body of Lies, Watchmen and more. He currently holds a position as a VFX supervisor at Warner Bros Animation.

  • Frederick Gaudreau

Lighting & Compositing

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