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Summary of the Games Workshops

These workshops will present a focused study of 3D animation for the game industry and it's specific needs. They will consist of multiple live talks, demos, reviews and assignments that would resemble an actual production pipeline.


Each workshop below is 11 weeks in duration. Please visit the apply page for the cost break down of each 11 week workshop.


  • Gaming Intro

    Animation and Game Principles

    This workshop is an entry level class, introducing character animation for video games in Maya. Only basic knowledge of animation in Maya is required for this workshop, fundamentals in-game insights will be integrated along the way to get you ready for our main program. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

  • Image 01

    Advance Body Mechanics and Workflows

    This workshop focus on advance body mechanics, actions and reactions performances,  that are needed to give the player exciting feedback responsiveness, foundations of core gameplay and the everyday practices on designing a characters animation system. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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    Combat, Takedowns and Advanced Techniques

    The workshops is centered around pushing the communication and connection of the animation, mastering the characters timing and rhythm, learning how to embellish and polish an animation, bring personality and creating dynamic actions such as combat and takedowns. Followed by working on your animation and ensuring that the player reaction feels seamless, believable and responsive, animators will be pushing their limits and learning some of the industry best tips, tricks and advance techniques. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

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    Games Elite - Battle Sequences, Cinematic, Interactive Gameplay

    The Elite Games Workshop includes a series of live talks, demos, reviews, and assignments that are designed to resemble an actual games production pipeline. In the workshop, instructors focus on techniques for games animation, which include timing, creating strong body mechanics, posing characters, player reactions, responsiveness of action, and more. Students also learn how to create interactive battles, cinematics, staging, and integration with popular game engines such as Unity. Read Workshop breakdown | APPLY

  • Introduction
  • Workshop 1
  • Workshop 2
  • Workshop 3

  • Why the Gaming Animation Workshops

    • Live animation demo

      "One of the best ways to learn is to watch somebody do it!"... Another way is to be guided to the same work process and then repeating it. I have created multiple animations and saved the progress and workflow to demonstrate the workflow I have taken to create each unique animation.
    • Versatility in your reel

      There is a lot of animation opening in games! In all honesty, game studios want independent and quick on their feet animators. Some animators don’t get hired because of the lack of understanding the Game industry needs. If you have a reel that shows the fundamentals needed and you have some kick ass acting and action shots… you’re the guy they can use for cinematic and in game.
    • Animate until you drop

      You want to improve and become more efficient. Gaming is all about efficiency! With the number of animations in this workshop, you will surely improve and test your work method. And trust me, some methods don’t always work ;) so you might want to pickup some extra work flows and have the ability to adapt.
    • The Instructors

      We have Animators among the best of the industry sharing their work methods, experience, tricks and tips. Here are some of the games they have worked on: Uncharted, God of War, Halo, Last of Us, GTA, Dead Space 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and many more. From Triple A games to Award winning Cinematics.

    Overview between game animation and feature animation

    Many believe that animation from film and gaming is the same because they share the same set of tools, and use the same principles of animation. Watching a film and playing a game is not the same, as well as creating the animations for them. There are a few things to consider when creating game animations, and many differences and extra techniques required. In games you need to create animations that respond to gameplay, storytelling, mixing both together and dealing with a few other things. Most animations are short and as they are combined to each other they make the character move with attitude and conviction. In brief, the animations created help translate what the player would like to do in the world as well as help support the story. Here are a few elements that stand out in games.

    Read Full Overview


  • I've learned so much in the past 10 weeks, I can't believe it. I've learned more in these 10 weeks than I have in 3 years of schooling, and 1.5 years at a small game studio.
    Stefan Lipsius
  • Online education is fantastic. With iAnimate you are learning from top animators doing this professionally, as opposed to the traditional brick & mortar schools where you might be learning from someone who used to do it professionally 10, 20 or more years ago. I am also learning with (and from!) animators from all over the world. Where else can I be exposed to that kind of diversity?
    Theron Chaplin
  • I love that I can watch the other instructors lectures and reviews. I've learned so much from my instructor (Richard Lico), but I've also picked up quite a few things by watching the other instructors classes.
    Stefan Lipsius
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. On the few occasions I've emailed my instructor (Kevin Rucker) to ask questions and he's gotten back to me promptly. During the first week, Richard Arroyo (Head of Game Animation) saw that I was struggling out of the gate and took the time to get me going on the right track. Everyone has been fantastic.
    Theron Chaplin
  • I've never had such a good teacher (Richard Lico) as a great balance between saying everything that is wrong and still balancing that with positive feedback.
    Alexandre Boyer
  • This is my very first time having online education and so far it has turned out better than I expected. I’m located in Thailand and I haven’t experienced that much lags. I can talk to my instructor quite smoothly during the review. Another good thing is that you can learn from your own home, and with the recording system that allows you to watch lectures/reviews again anytime, that makes it a plus.
    Weerapong Jangsombatsiri
  • iAnimate is exactly what I needed, an advanced and condensed animation focused course which aims to give us all the tools necessary to be at the top of our game and ready for the industry.
    Alexandre Boyer

Game Animation

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