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Acting for Reference Workshop

One 11-Week Classes

Just two hours a week you will be guide to shoot the best possible live action footage for your iAnimate assignments. The first few weeks you will be introduced to a series of exercises and techniques designed to pull out your best available acting skills. You will be taught to ask the right questions in order to create authentic performances. Acting from the inside out is the key and foundation toward creating authentic characters and great live action footage and you will get it done with this booster class.

Acting for Reference

Acting for Reference

You will be coached on your acting skills (starting with the basics) needed to achieve the absolute best live reference materials. You will be taught through a series of exercises how to create solid characters. Giving 2 hours once a week will BOOST your animation coursework and save you time. In addition, learning the necessary skills required to create solid characters will make you immediately more marketable and desirable to animation houses and studios throughout the world.

  • Class Length: 11 weeks

  • Price Per Class: $999

What to expect in this Workshop

  • We will meet for 2 hours on Saturday mornings for the full 11 weeks 10am-12pst (USA)
  • During the 2 hours for the first 4-5 weeks I will be introducing effective/key acting methodology, technique and exercises
  • Week 5-6 you will bring in your 2nd assignment from another iAnimate class
  • We will spend the remaining 6-10 classes continuing to work on your assignment(s).
  • Each student will receive between 8-10 minutes of classroom time receiving my specialized one-on-one acting coaching
  • You will get the one-on-one coaching and you will get to see your peers being coached, win/win!
  • Class 11 we will tie it all together I will evaluate your progress and together we will determine next steps toward advancing your animation career
  • Feel free to contact me with any more questions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What Students Are Saying

When I finished, I can feel the character that I created, the characters' detail are so rich, they feel real. Incredible!

Wu Xu Teng