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Articles tagged with: lighting


iAnimate.net Lighting Instructor - Frederick Gaudreau Lighting Animation reel

Our Lighting instructor, Frederick Gaudreau, shares about his career, as well as his 'Lighting & Comp' workshop here. Join our Summer term and learn from a PRO!

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iAnimate Lighting Workshop Student Testimonial - Warren Seeley

Warren Seeley TestimonialLighting workshop student, Warren Seeley, wrote our lighting instructor Frederick Gaudreau an email about his appreciation of the course. It's always great to hear what our students have to say.

Hey Frederick,
I know I've already said something like this but the class was truly amazing.  I learned a lot and I'm gonna take it with me moving forward.  The exercises were fun and challenging.  Didn't feel it was unreasonable or unrealistic at all.  Every student should be able to perform at that level even with a full time job.  And I see the importance of showing us how to do the basics like just using Maya software to render.  It's like we have to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.  For those who haven't had a formal introduction to lighting, this is a really good approach.

I don't feel as stressed now when it comes time to render my shots!  Compositing with nodes is so much better.  Never again with after effects lol.  If Nuke ever gets around to releasing a free watermark version I'll use it but I'll familiarize myself with Fusion.  I know it's pretty similar.

Thank you again for everything!  You are an awesome instructor!

All the best,

Visit the Lighting & Compositing page for more information.

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Surface & Lighting Workshop Student Testimonial - Wayne Dixon

"I learn a lot about Maya, which I have also translated into other software too. I now know what I’m doing, and can start to render all my showreel shots." iAnimate Alumni, Wayne Dixon

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What iAnimate is all about

iAnimate is an online training course like no other. With iAnimate you are in direct contact with veteran animators from around the world, from leading studios in our industry, all from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price of a brick and mortar school.

Would you like to know more? Watch the video below.

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iAnimate presents Frederick Gaudreau

Surface & Lighting Instructor

iAnimate interviews lighting artist and instructor Frederick Gaudreau. Frederick has worked on such films as Monster House, Open Season, Spider Man 3, and Watchmen. He's currently a VFX supervisor at Warner Bros Animation. Join the Surface & Lighting workshop and learn how to properly render your animation for your showreel.

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New Surface & Lighting Workshop Instructor

Frederick Gaudreau new Lighting instructor

Frederick Gaudreau

After graduating from Montreal's ICARI school in 1999, Frederick started as a modeler/generalist on game animatics. His attention to detail, skills and eagerness quickly brought him to work on big productions. His professional path led him to work on sets as a motion control TD, experiencing and discovering live lighting, a medium holding the power to transform a boring environment into a true work of art. Over the years, his career evolved into lighting and compositing, his true passion. He moved to California in 2004, where his good reputation preceded him. He had the pleasure to light and comp on animation films such as Monster House and Open season. Frederick then had the opportunity to work on award wining live features such as Spider Man 3, I am Legend, Val Kyrie, Body of Lies, Watchmen and more. He currently holds a position as a VFX supervisor at Warner Bros Animation.

More information on the workshop breakdown coming soon. Keep an eye on the Surface & Lighting page.

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New Surfacing & Lighting Promo Video

Here is a brief look at what to expect from our 14 week 'Surface & Lighting for Animators' workshop starting in January. Visit the page HERE to see what you should expect and what you'll learn in the course.

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