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Articles tagged with: Ted Ty


Interview with Ballerina Animation Director and animators

Happy New Year! In our 48th podcast we talk with Ted Ty, India Barnardo, and Martyn Smith. Ted has over 24 years of experience at the feature animation level, has animated on 20 feature films, and has been teaching in our feature animation workshops from day one. After spending two decades at Walt Disney Anmation Studios and Dreamworks Animation, he moved back up to Montreal Canada to become a Animation Director on L'Atelier Animation's first feature Ballerina. What made this podcast so fun and interesting other than catching up with Ted and hearing about his new role, he was joined by iAnimate student India Barnardo and iAnimate alumni Martyn Smith; two of the many iAnimate students he hired for Ballerina.

Our 2014 podcast with Ted Ty | Watch L’Atelier Animation’s team on Ballerina movie!

Interview with Ted Ty, Martyn Smith, India Barnardo

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iAnimate presents Ted Ty

Feature animation instructor

Interview with iAnimate feature animation instructor Ted Ty. Be sure to visit our Pixel Challenge page to watch Ted's lecture on Genuine Acting given back in June.

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Pixel Challenge - Animation Master Class

iAnimate will be in Quebec City to give 4 masterclass June 21th. Learn more about the event and the great topics we'll be covering from both feature and games animation. Lecturing at the Animation Master Class will be Ted Ty, Cameron Fielding, Richard Lico and Brett Pascal.

To view the Master Classes and Panel Discussion, visit our Pixel Challenge page.

PixelChallenge-Brett tn PixelChallenge-Cameron tn PixelChallenge-Richard tn PixelChallenge-Ted tn

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iAnimate video interview with Ted Ty

We discuss his work on Dreamworks latest release Rise of the Guardians

iAnimate video interview with Ted Ty

In this video interview we had a chance to catch up with iAnimate instructor and DreamWorks Lead Animator Ted Ty on his work with DreamWorks' latest release Rise of the Guardians.

Guest: Ted Ty
Interviewer: Jason Ryan
Filming and Editing: David Hubert

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