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Interview with Pixar Animator & 'Book of Mojo' Creator - Everett Downing

In our 36th episode we talk with the creator of The Book of Mojo and long time Pixar animator, Everett Downing. We talk about his time at studies like Blue Sky, Pixar, & DreamWorks, and what animation nuggets of wisdom he's picked up through out his years.

The Book of Mojo

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Blog Tag: advice, insight, Pixar, story telling, The Book of Mojo


Interview with Veteran Animator Steve Cunningham pt 2

In our 35th episode, there was so much Steve Cunningham goodness that we had to split it up in to two podcasts! With 20 years in the industry, he had some great insight and practical wisdom to share. Having worked in both 2D & CG animation, he's worked on such films as Anastasia, The Croods, Frozen, Kung Fu Panda 2, and most recently The Book of Life.

Steve's 2015 Reel

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Blog Tag: 2D, advice, CG, insight, The Book of Life