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In an effort to keep the communication coming, we've decided to invade the air waves with these podcasts! We'll be talking about animation, the industry, and have interviews with industry professionals and other guest that pertain to our field. These podcasts can also be found on iTunes. Please click on the the podcast link posted and leave some feedback. You can use your facebook, twitter, google, or discus account to do so.


Pre-Visualization Interview with Animator James Bennett

We have returning guest, James Bennett. James has been working in the animation industry for over 15 years and has worked at some of the top studios and blockbuster films during that time. He has worked on such films as Godzilla, The Hobbit, Avatar, King Kong, Tin Tin, How To Train your Dragon 2, & Madagascar 3. James has been teaching in our Creature workshop division helping students achieve the amazing quality found in our recent creature student show reel, but will also now taking on a new workshop here, Pre-Visualization. In this podcast we talk to James about his experience working in pre-viz for films like How To Train Your Dragon 2 and what one can expect from the workshop he'll be teaching. It's always lively with James, making this an interview you won't want to miss.

Pre-Visualization page | Previous Podcast with James | 2015 Student Creature Reel

Interview with James Bennett Pre-Viz

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Blog Tag: How To Train Your Dragon 2, instructors, James Bennett, pre-visualization, VR


Interview with Mila creator - Cinzia Angelini

In this episode we interview Cinzia Angelini. Cinzia has an extensive background in the animation industry having worked both in 2D as well as CG, and now currently a story artist for Illumination Pictures having recently worked on the Minions movie. She's worked on such films as Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, and Balto. And such CG films as Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, and Spider-Man 2. She's currently working on her own short with hundreds of artist around the work titled Mila. The short is a film about war, but taken from a unique perspective, a little girl named Mila.

Mila website | Cinzia's website

Interview with Mila creator - Cinzia Angelini

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Blog Tag: 2D, CG, Cinzia Angelini, Mila, short film, war, WW2


Rise of the Tomb Raider interview - David Hubert & Darryl Purdy

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a recently release game and was greeted with raving reviews. Many of our instructors and previous students contributed to the 80 minutes of cinematics found in the game. In our 40th episode, we sit down with David Hubert (Cinematic Director) and Darryl Purdy (Senior Animator) of Eidos Montreal to discuss the development of the game, as well as some of the challenges and joys of working in gaming in this generation of systems.

Rise of the Tomb Raider interview with David Hubert and Darryl Purdy

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Blog Tag: Darryl Purdy, David Hubert, Eidos, Games, instructors, Montreal, Rise of the Tomb Raider


Interview with animator - Jamie Titera

In our 39th podcast, we interview game animator Jamie Titera. Jamie is currently a Lead Animator at Disney Interactive Studios working on their popular Disney Infinity franchise.  As the combat animation lead at Disney Interactive his favorite part of the job is animating Disney, Pixar, and Marvel characters beating up on each other. In this interview Jamie shared about his workflow, working with multiple unique characters from vastly different universes, and some of the ins and outs of working in a game environment. Watch his reel below to get a taste of some fun combat animation.

Jamie Titera current reel

Interview with animator Jamie Titera banner

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Blog Tag: Disney Infinity, Games, instructors, Jamie Titera, Marvel, Pixar, workflow


Interview with animator - Ben Rush

In our 38th podcast we speak with long time animator, Ben Rush. Ben's career started as far back on Square Enix's 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within' on the beautiful island of Hawaii. He then spent most of his time at Dreamworks Glendale studio working on fan favorites such as Megamind, both Kung Fu Panda's, and most recently Home. Ben is currently an animator at Pixar Animation Studios working on their 2016 release Finding Dory. Ben shared some great insight, the unique studio vibes of Dreamworks and Pixar, as well as his own animated film he's been working on using the talented crew here at iAnimate.net titled Only A Dream. Check back in the coming weeks for a link to the campaign.

Ben Rush current reel | Venice Go Pro video

Interview with animator David Gibson banner

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Blog Tag: Ben Rush, Dreamworks, Feature, Google Spotlight, humility, Lucy, Pixar, Scarecrow, workflow

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