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Creature Workshop 3 breakdown

(Visit the apply page for the cost break down of this 11 week workshop) | WORKSHOP PRICING & APPLY

This workshop will focus on flight animation and fantasy creature animation. How to craft believable and entertaining creature and animal performance. Two experienced instructors will join forces for this special workshop, which also provides 20+ hours of exclusive recorded lectures from more the 12 different creature animation expert.

Week 1 - 4: Flight School with Mathieu Dimuro
The 4 first weeks Mathieu Di Muro is in charge and we’ll focus on flight school. The assignment will start with a simple flight cycle, then evolve in a complete flight animation with proper flight behaviours.

Week 5 - 11: Fantasy Creature with James Bennett
The following 7 weeks we transition towards creature animation with James Bennett. How to create a dynamic and entertaining action sequence with a fantasy creature from planning to final polishing.

Prerequisite: Creature WS2

Week 01 - Flight school part 1 with Mathieu Di Muro

  • Introduction and presentation
  • Assignment presentation
  • Wing animation cycle demo

Week 02 - Flight school part 2 with Mathieu Di Muro

  • Using basic cycle to create variations
  • Analyzing footage displaying these variations in the basic flaps
  • Demo

Week 03 - Flight school part 3 with Mathieu Di Muro

  • Further analysis of flight behavior
  • Flight animation on a path demo

Week 04 - Flight school part 4 with Mathieu Di Muro

  • Further analysis of flight behavior, takeoff and landing
  • Recap of the key elements of flight animation
  • Lesson learned from 15 years in production

Week 05 - Creature animation part 1 with James Bennett

  • Explaining the assignment
  • Find original and entertaining ideas (it’s as much what you choose to craft then how well you can execute it)
  • How to find and mix reference to build the blueprint of your animation

Week 06 - Creature animation part 2 with James Bennett

  • How to properly analyse video reference
  • Setup your shot properly
  • Blocking, different technique, demo

Week 07 - Creature animation part 3 with James Bennett

  • Staging and cinematography
  • Clear posing that communicates well the creature weight
  • Anatomy
  • Personality

Week 08 - Creature animation part 4 with James Bennett

  • Splining-Refine - Demo

Week 09 - Creature animation part 5 with James Bennett

  • Weight - how to exaggerate it by amplifying the laws of physics

Week 10 - Creature animation part 6 with James Bennett

  • Polishing - putting the final touch - Demo

Week 11 - Creature animation part 7 with James Bennett

  • Final Q&A session or replace last lecture with one more review


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