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Articles tagged with: rigs


Jason Ryan’s live weekly demo - ‘hated the colonel’

Here is the final rendered shot from one of Jason's live weekly demos he did in our Summer 2016 term for all the iAnimate.net students. It was a great line of dialog to use with 'Albert', one of our many feature level rigs.

Visti our Feature Animation Workshop page to learn more.

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Marty turn animation

Marty is an industry ready rig we've teased about in past newsletters and on the blog, and is ready to be released in the coming weeks to our students. Our very own Jason Ryan has been testing the rig with some dynamic poses as well as a fun little animation. Marty has been modeled by the very talented Juan Solis and rigged by the renowned Victor Vinyals. We're excited to see what our students do with this stylized and rich character.

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iAnimate.net - The Family - Marty teaser

The Family Marty teaser

In our September newsletter we revealed our next set of character rigs being developed, The Family. Check out a sneak peak of the model of Marty, the teenage son.

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Our Blue Monkey rig released

Blue Moneky rig

We love animating! And who doesn't love animating fun & unique characters? We just released our adorable little blue monkey rig designed by the talented Goro Fujita, and Thales Simonato as the 3D character artists. This is a fun and challenging character to animate, and we can't wait to see the shots our current and future students produce with it.

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New Feature Workshop - Advanced Pantomime Acting

New Feature Workshop 3.5

He's Back! And With A New Workshop. Jamaal Bradley took some time off from teaching at iAnimate to pursue some unique career opportunities. During his hiatus he traveled to India where he was an Animation Supervisor on Penguins of Madagascar. He's currently enjoying working directly with James Baxter, Chris Sanders, & Kirk DeMicco as an Animation Supervisor on Croods 2. He's back with a new Feature workshop - Advanced Pantomime Acting. In this class your animated piece will be an exploration of making your character entertain, evoke emotion, and breath life without the use of dialogue. This is an essential skill in your journey as an animator and entertainer. "Together we will build an understanding of thoughts and actions that will drive our characters." - Jamaal

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MGLand iAnimate GUI Pickers

MGLand iAnimate GUI Pickers

The very talented Miguel Winfield, of MGLand, has teamed up with us to customize his MG-Picker studio to create GUI pickers for our amazing & unique rigs. Visit MGLand to see for yourself how these plug-ins can enhance your workflow. A big iAnimate THANK YOU Miguel.

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iAnimate Crew at L'Atelier Animation

iAnimate crew at L'Atelier Animation

I couldn't be any more fortunate and happy to have these gifted artists and great people transition from being my students in iAnimate to becoming animators on my team at L'Atelier Animation. So proud of them and my entire team for being so passionate and devoted to their craft and our film. Killing it!! :)
Ted Ty - Head of Animation

Names from left to right: Stephanie Lee, Mauro Affronti, Jakub Pazera, Martyn Smith, Antoine Donnelly, Roy Stein, Ted Ty ( with sunlight - not grey hair :P) Amanda Zima, India Barnardo, Boris Maras, Donald Chan, Valerie Lim, Behram Koshroo

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Monty & Molly characters

New characters Monty and Molly

When it comes to our characters, we seek to bring the highest quality, varied, and unique line up not found any where else. In May we announced a new rig that will be ready for our Summer 2015 session students and alumni. We've made some look development tweaks to that rig...meet Monty & Molly! We can't wait to see what animations our talented students & alumni produce with these characters!

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