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Articles tagged with: creature


David Gibson GDC 2016 Talk

Blizzard senior animator and iAnimate creature instructor, David Gibson, spoke at this years GDC.

In this talk from the GDC Animation bootcamp, David breaks down the animation basics of creating Overwatch characters by showing the process for creating the frozen scientist hero Mei.

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Creature Instructor David Gibson Wins an Annie Award!

David Gibson Annie Awards winner

David spent almost 4 years as a developer and supervising animator on Evolve. During production, David and the entire team worked tirelessly to push the experience taking risks to create a unique and refreshing game for our players. His main areas of focus during development were the look and feel of the monsters, creatures, and first person hunters which he's now sharing his experience with his students at iAnimate.net

Creature Animation Student Showreel 2015 | Creature Animation Page | Podcast Interview with David Gibson

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iAnimate 5 Year Anniversary Flashback

In July 2010 we opened our doors with the goal of bringing top notch training, by talented industry professionals, to artists homes around the world. In that period of time we've helped thousands of artists achieve their goals. This is a brief highlight of our five years in the animation industry and showing some of the best student work during that time.

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Creature Animation Student Showreel 2015

Here is some of the best work from iAnimate students enrolled in our Creature Animation program. We present to you our Creature Animation 2015 Student Show Reel.

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We're Getting Ready For CTN 2015

iAnimate at CTN Animation Expo 2015

We are SUPER excited that the annual CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, CA is less than two weeks away (Nov. 20-22). It's a fantastic event to get together with other artists who are just as passionate about this industry as we are! We'll be at Booth B8.3 & B8.4. Please stop by and say hello, have your reels reviewed by industry professionals, and network with our amazing & passionate team.

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Pixel Animation 2015 wrap up

Pixel Animation 2015 Group Photo

Pixel was an unique event in the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada where the audience had access to meet and learn directly from industry professionals. Being the program director, it was key for me to give the same love and attention as we do at iAnimate, hence why it was only natural to have some of our instructors participate.  Audience had a chance to hangout with the all of the speakers coming from Pixar, Disney, Blue Sky, ILM, Pixomondo, Blizzard, CD Projekt Red but most importantly came out learning and more inspired than ever!
- Ric Arroyo

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Our Blue Monkey rig released

Blue Moneky rig

We love animating! And who doesn't love animating fun & unique characters? We just released our adorable little blue monkey rig designed by the talented Goro Fujita, and Thales Simonato as the 3D character artists. This is a fun and challenging character to animate, and we can't wait to see the shots our current and future students produce with it.

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Animators Resource Interview - Darryl Purdy and David Hubert - Full Interview

Our friend over at Animators Resource recently posted his video interview with our very own David Hubert & Darryl Purdy. They chatted about the challenges they have both in film and games, and then Darryl does a quick breakdown of how he approaches some of his creature animation. Thank you JP for the interview.

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