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Testimonial from Colin Brown - iAnimate Games student

on June 19, 2014

Colin Brown testimonial banner

My professional background is 7 years in the game industry, but having been in the industry this long I know I always need to keep improving my skills as an animator and therefore, whenever possible, I try to take online animation courses in my free time, which led me to taking Games Workshop 1 with iAnimate.

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Meet Zoey

on June 12, 2014

Our latest rig release is a really appealing female character named Zoey. Beautifully designed & modeled by Kevin Webb, and rigged by the very talented Victor Vinyals. She has been rigged with full feature controls on her body, face and hair to allow our students to get nice broad actions, as well as fine level tweakers for more close up subtle shots. Zoey is the first of many more cartoony type characters to be added to our awesome line up.  We will announce and release our next cartoony male character very soon.

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iAnimate On The Road - Pixel Animation 2014 Quebec, Canada

on June 05, 2014

Back in April, iAnimate was "On the road" at Pixel Animation with a line up of all-star artists. list of iAnimate speakers at Pixel Animation 2014:

  • Bennie Terry (Technical Art Director at Spark Unlimited)
  • Bryan Wynia (Senior Character Artist at Hi-Rez Studios)
  • Hyrum Osmond (Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios)
  • Izzy (Visual Development Artist at Riot Games)
  • Jalil Sadool (Animator at Dreamworks)
  • Joshua Ochoa (Senior Technical Artist at Robotoki)
  • Justin Yun (Creative Director/CCO at Section Studios)
  • Kevin Rucker (Senior Animator at Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Kris Pearn (Head of Story at Sony Pictures Animation)
  • Mathieu Di Muro (Senior Animator at ILM)
  • Pierre Perifel (Head of Animation at DreamWorks Animation)
  • Scott Holmes (Animation Supervisor at Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
  • Simon Unger (Lead Animator at Robotoki)
  • Ted Ty (Animator at Dreamworks Animation)
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