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Polishing Facial Animation tips tricks with Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan presents how he polishes facial animation with one of iAnimate's latest character Angela.

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Annie Nomination for Alumni Ravi Kamble Govind

Ravi Kamble Govind Annie Nomination

Huge congratulations to iAnimate Alumni, Ravi Kamble Govind, on his recent Annie Awards nomination! This is one of the highest honors given for excellence in animation. Ravi has been nominated for his lead work on Dave, the villain of the movie Penguins of Madagascar. He has been nominated in the category of Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in a Feature Production.

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New Shorter Schedule & Lower Price!

New Shorter Schedule and Lower Pricing

We have streamlined our workshops to a four session per year schedule, along with a new price point to reflect it. What does this mean for you? You save time, money, and finish sooner! All without compromising the quality of education iAnimate has been known for. The Feature, Creature, and Game Workshops have been reduced to $1698 per workshop! So not only is the schedule more flexible and streamlined for our artists, but the price is more affordable too.

Sign Up Now for the Jan 5th Start Date by visiting: APPLY

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Lipsync Tips & Tricks with Jason Ryan

Here is a short 8 minute video from Jason Ryan's weekly demos here, on how he prepares to do facial acting and lip sync. Enjoy!

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Testimonial from Daniel Alexander - iAnimate Games student

Daniel Alexander testimonial banner

When I decided I wanted to further my education, I knew I wanted to explore the option of taking online courses. There was one problem however, I had no idea which route to go. I did my best to educate myself with all of the options out there in hopes to make the best decision for myself, each had their merits, but ultimately, it was still a shot in the dark. This obviously drew me to choose iAnimate, with a large collection of fun and interesting character & creature rigs, workshops focused on what I wanted to learn, and a great collection of industry veterans to lead the way.

Thankfully, I couldn't be happier with my choice. iAnimate goes beyond offering great character rigs and truly delivers an incredible educational experience.

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MIGS14: iAnimate presents - Q&A with Richard Lico and Jeremy Collins

Richard Arroyo of iAnimate interviews animators Richard Lico (Bungie) and Jeremy Collins (Blizzard Entertainment).

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iAnimate at CTN Animation Expo 2014

MasterClass with Jason Ryan

Only a couple more days!!! iAnimate will once again be at the annual CTN Animation Expo in Burbank, CA on November 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. We'll be at booth B12 and B13. Please stop by to watch our new student showreel, meet some of our talented instructors, and have your demo reel reviewed.

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Sunset Overdrive and iAnimate students

Sunset Overdrive banner

Congratulations to iAnimate alumni Darrell Vasquez, previous student Jeff Williams, and the whole Insomniac Games team on their release today of Sunset Overdrive. The game is getting amazing reviews all the way around (see below)! We know a lot of blood, sweat, and Over Charge went in to the making of this game.

IGN review | Wired review | GameInformer review

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