Maya & Modeling Workshop 2


11-Week Class

Workshop Two builds on what we learned in the first workshop and gives students the opportunity to build some amazing Props to use in their Animation and Video Game projects. Need a Chainsaw, Assault Rifle, Musical Instrument, or Vehicle for your project? No problem. Want that prop to function and have animated features pre-built in? You got it! Students will capture their own reference material and create amazing set props that are convincing and rigged, ready for use in your animation or game. We will also be creating Set pieces that will be perfect for your Real-Time (Game) and pre-rendered Feature Film uses. Set Design Project topics will cover both interior and exterior sets.  We will make use of hard and soft surfaced objects with animated elements such as wind blowing through trees and curtains, water flowing over rocks, and clouds moving across the sky to create convincing environments. Finally, we will light these amazing Sets with Daytime and Nighttime Lighting Models. Baking lighting into textures will ensure our game engine will look just as amazing as our scene looks when rendered with the Arnold Render Engine within Maya.

Week 01: Advanced Prop Model, Reference Materials

Week 02: Advanced Prop Model Continued, UV, Texture, Baking AO, Normal, adding Displacement 

Week 03: Matte Painting, Virtual Sets, Foreground & Background Mattes

Week 04: Creating an Indoor/Outdoor Set, Collecting Reference Materials

Week 05: Modeling Architecture Elements, Rigging Props and Sets

Week 06: Modeling Hard Surface Objects within the space & Level of Detail Groups

Week 07: Modeling Organic Objects, Soft Objects, Cloth, Plants

Week 08: Modeling Landscapes, Streams, Lakes, and Oceans, Cloth and Water simulations 

Week 09: UV Strategies, Z-Brush and MudBox Pipelines, Baking Textures/Normal/Displacement Maps, Substances

Week 10: Lighting Interior/Exterior and lighting for various times of the Day/Night

Week 11: Render Setup, Render Pipeline, Compositing, Post Visual FX