Friday, 10 August 2012.

Blog Roundup! (8/10)

A few interesting things from the AnimBlog-o-sphere.

It's nice to see animators sharing their tips, tricks, and treasures out there.  I thought it might be cool to start sharing some sites and posts on a somewhat regular basis...


Tal Shwarzman, on his blog Animation Addicts, has a great post about pushing your video reference, and using it "as a guide not only for the performance but for the mechanics and as a jumping board for what the shot could and will be."


Jason Schleifer, one of the Heads of Character animation over at PDI/DreamWorks, has been offering a great deal over at his shhLIFE! blog.  He's been offering a "pay what you want" deal for his Animator Friendly Rigging DVDs.  A great deal if you are looking to increase your "generalist" cred. 


Kevan Shorey always has inspirational stuff on his blog, Rhymes with Red Van.  Most notably, he's been doing animation critiques on a first come first server basis for his Twitter followers.  I think he's taking a break right now, but the recording's are really valuable to watch.


Prolific posters, Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff, at the Thinking Animation Blog, always have tons of new nuggets they've mined from the hidden layers of the animation world.  Worth keeping on your feed for instant inspiration.


These are just a few off of the top of my head.  

What else have you got to share with everybody out there?  Let's get this list growing!!!