Member Spotlight - Rob Kim

on July 10, 2013

Rob KimRob Kim

iA: What is the biggest thing you took away from your time at iAnimate?
I remember graduation day clearly. I stood under a blazing afternoon sun among my warrior classmates that flew or drove in from all over, shook hands with my heroes, a.k.a. instructors, seeing some of them face to face for the first time. I was finally partying with a group of folks that I respected greatly, with friends who knew exactly how challenging, humbling, and satisfying this process is. We all just finished one of the most grueling marathons ever.. which lasted many long months. The biggest take away from my iAnimate experience is gaining a great sense of accomplishment because I had pushed past many invisible ceilings and I grew beyond what I ever imagined. I had to find Jason Ryan, hidden in the crowd, to thank him for creating iAnimate. "You're absolutely welcome, mate! But really, it was all of you," he replied in his amiable Irish accent. For me, graduation was a culmination of my hard work and dedication towards something so elusive. A symbol of a long trail of empty coffee cups and countless evenings and weekends sacrificed by me and my loved ones so I can reach higher and go further. And no doubt, it was all worth it.

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Member Spotlight - Sébastien Dussault

on July 08, 2013

Please state your name, where you're from, if you had previous animation experience, how long you have been studying at iAnimate, and what workshops.

My name is Sebastien Dussault and I am from Quebec City, Canada. Overall, I did 5 workshops at iAnimate. I started in the feature animation workshops with the close up acting (Workshop 4) and the full body acting class (Workshop 5). After completing those workshops, I realized I was still struggling with body mechanics and also needed to improve my workflow in order to become more efficient. At the time, the Games workshops were just announced. It was a perfect fit with my ambitions to improve those specific skills so I enrolled in. I recently completed the Games curriculum and am really happy with my choice. Afterwards, I did an internship as a gameplay animator for the prototype of "Project Lune" at iAnimate. Prior to getting hired a few weeks ago, I had close to no experience in a studio environment as an animator. So all my experience basically came from my studies at iAnimate and this internship.

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New JRA Webinar series - Mechanics to Music

on June 27, 2013

JRA series3

In this 10 part series, entitled "Mechanics to Music", Jason will be animating live for 2 hours and animating a shot in each 2 hour session. This will all be set to an original rock song by his band Dark Chapter. These broad mechanic type shots will consist of intense acting and will include dramatic moving cameras. He'll be using our iAnimate rigs in the process. You can find out more about it by visiting the Series 4 page on his site.

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