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The iAnimate feature experience by alumni Joost van Schaik

Feature Experience Alumni Jooost van Schaik

When I heard a few years ago that Jason Ryan was about to start iAnimate, I was instantly excited about the idea and wanted to be part of the first group of students. I had taken online classes before, but I felt I needed to refine my skill set. You can imagine that I was really excited about the iAnimate concept to prepare animators for feature productions by working closely together with top notch feature animation instructors and mimic a production environment during the classes. I was blown away by the quality of the classes and the knowledge of the mentors during the one-on-one weekly reviews. It’s a very special feeling when you can discuss your work directly with your mentor in person when you are at the other side of the ocean.

Also the rigs that iAnimate provides are top quality fast rigs that are a joy to work with. They have so much appeal that I felt at times that we were spoiled a bit with these new toys that were given to us every workshop.

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“iAnimate at Cinesite“ Gives Boost to Promising Feature Animation Talent

iAnimate and CineSite Apprenticeship

Visual Effects and Animation studio Cinesite has joined forces with leading online training company iAnimate to offer a new animation apprenticeship. “iAnimate at Cinesite” will foster new talent entering into the thriving Canadian visual effects and animation industry. Read more from CineSite's announcement & visit the apprenticeship page.

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Jamie Titera - New Game Animation Workshop 1 Instructor

We have a new Game Animation instructor, Jamie Titera, starting this April 6th in our Spring session. He will be teaching our Workshop 1: Animation and Game Principles. As you can see by the Disney Infinity Combat Animation reel, he will have a lot to share with our students. Advance in your skills today by joining this amazing workshop.

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